Neon RainBow Press is an unofficial, not-for-profit, amateur fan fiction press. Since 1988 we've been writing fan fiction and publishing fanzines based on our favorite television characters and series. Why? Because we love them, and we want to keep the series/characters alive - at least in fiction.

Most of the shows you will find here are off the air now, but a couple are current. Here at our website you'll find some basic information on our favorite TV series, as well as information for any fanzines and special collections we have available for that show. In addition, you can find submission guidelines for zines we are currently accepting material for, and links to other websites with information on our favorite series.

For your convenience the introduction page for each universe includes a note on when it was last updated. On any given universe page, anything added recently will have a "new" label attached to it. Even if we haven't added anything new to a page in a year or more, all of the titles are available to be ordered (as PDF zines) and the price listed is correct.

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