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Last updated: 1 March 2019

the cast of Bordertown

This 30-minute Family Channel western was set in the Canadian Northwest. The location was an 1880s town that straddled the U.S./Canadian border, necessitating cooperation between lawmen from both countries. These lawmen were Marshal Jack Craddock (Richard Comar), a rough-hewn, ex-Texas Ranger, and Corporal Clive Bennett (John H. Brennan), a young, idealistic Mountie. Their chief clash, however, was over the affections of Bordertown's doctor, the Frenchwoman, Marie Dumont (Sophie Barjac).

Aired 1988-1991 (78 episodes).

Zine: None.

Special Collection: There is one gen Bordertown Special Collection available. For more information, click here.

Slash: None.