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Last updated: 1 March 2019

cast of second season Counterstrike

An original series from the USA network. After terrorists kidnap the wife of Toronto billionaire Alexander Addington (Christopher Plummer), Alex decides to make the world a safer place. Addington brings together his considerable resources with a three-person team to fight the badguys. In the first season that team included Peter Sinclair (Simon McCorkindale), ex-Scotland Yard wonderkin, Luke Brenner (Stephen Shellen), an American mercenary, and Nikki Beaumont (Cyrielle Claire), a French conwoman and thief. At the end of the first season Luke is killed and Nikki decides to get married.

In the second season, Peter acquires two new teammates, Gabrielle Germont (Sophie Michaud), a French photojournalist with international acclaim, and Hector Stone (James Purcell), an American ex-Navy SEAL, ex-CIA operative (see picture above).

The series also boasted a wonderful supporting cast, including Suzanne Addington (Laurence Ashley-Taboulet), Alexander's daughter; Bennett (Tom Kneebone), Addington's butler and series source of comic relief; J.J. (Andre Mayers), the pilot who flew the team wherever they needed to go; and Helen Previn (Patricia Cartier), Addington's assistant and potential love interest.

Aired 1990-1993 (66 episodes).

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