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Last updated: 1 March 2019

most of the cast

In this syndicated series the great-grandson of the original Kung Fu series character Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine) is alive and well and has a son - even if he did think the boy died when he was 12. However, Peter Caine (Chris Potter) wasn't killed in the raid that destroyed the Buddhist temple where father and son lived and studied. Peter, who also thought his father was dead, was adopted by Paul Blaisdell (Robert Lansing), a police captain. Not surprisingly, Peter grew up to become a police detective, and worked for Captain Blaisdell. When Caine returns 15 years later, father and son are reunited. But it's not an immediate happy ending. Peter and Caine have many issues and differences to overcome.

Other cast members included: Lo Si or "The Ancient" (Kim Chan), Caine's old friend and Kung Fu master; Frank Strenlich (William Dunlop), Peter's chief and a no-nonsense ex-Marine; detectives Mary Margaret Skalany (Victoria Snow) and Jody Blakemore Powell (Belinda Metz), both of whom were Peter's partners at one point, and Kermit Griffin (Scott Wentworth), an enigmatic detective with mercenary roots, and Captain Karen Simms (Kate Tower), who took over when Blaisdell diosappeared.

Aired 1992-1996 (88 episodes).

Zine: None.

Special Collection: There is a special collection of gen fiction available. For more information, click here.

Slash: None.