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Last updated: 1 March 2019

the cast of Lancer

Set in California during the 1870's, Lancer was the story of the Lancer family and their ranch in the San Joaquin Valley. The patriarch of the family, Murdoch Lancer, was married twice and had two sons, but the boys did not grow up together, or wth him. When Murdoch finds himself struggling against "land pirates" who are trying to take over this property by force, he turned to his two sons for help. The two boys come to the ranch to help their father in exchange for 1/3 of the ranch.

The half brothers have never met each other before, and they have widely divergent backgrounds. Scott, the edler of the two boys, is a sophisticated Harvard graduate who was an officer in the Civil War and who had been living in Boston with his grandfather (his mother's father). Johnny Madrid, on the other hand, is a half-Mexican gunfighter who has spent most of his life wandering around the border towns of the Southwest. Despite their differences, they learn to respect each other. They help Murdoch manage his vast ranch. Rounding out the family is Teresa, Murdoch's ward, the daughter of his murdered best friend.

Aired 1968-1970 (51 episodes).

Zine: None.

Novella: We have one gen novella written by Lorraine Mumaw. It is a crossover with High Chaparral and Wild Wild West. Click here for more information on Night of the Lancer Savage Land

Special Collection: None.

Slash: None.