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Last updated: 1 March 2019

the cast of Lost in Space

Even today, the 1960's television show Lost in Space defies description. Some would call the program "science fiction", others "action adventure" and still others as "children's television". Truth be known, the show probably was all these at one time or another. But it was, basically, a family adventure in the reaches of outer space.

The series cast included such popular and seasoned television veterans as June Lockhart from the popular Lassie series, Guy Williams, the swash-buckling, swarthy Zorro from the series of the same name, Angela Cartwright who had just finished a long run on the popular Make Room for Daddy, and would later appear with Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, handsome Mark Goddard a rapidly rising star from the then popular Johnny Bravo, and popular child actor Billy Mumy from many shows, not the least of which, three of the most popular Twilight Zone episodes of all time!

Aired 1966-1968 on CBS.

Zine: None.

Special Collection: There is a special collection of gen fiction available. For more information, click here.

Slash: None.