Magnificent Kids #15

An all-gen, all-ATF Denver Little Britches edition of this zine. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Bestest Brothers (by Kathy M) Vin finds JD and they become the best of friends. (2)

The Bestest Day (by Kathy M) Vin and JD meet a stranger who gives them some gifts. (2)

Try to Dream (by Kathy M) Vin has some advice for JD. (1)

Lullabies (by LaraMee) Vin decides that it is time to runaway. (10)

Christmas Memories (by Carole Seegraves) Vin and JD have different ideas about what should top the tree. (3)

Decorated With Love (by Carole Seegraves) Vin decides to surprise his family. (3)

Not Really a New year (by Kathy M) JD is a little confused about what the New year means when it comes to school. (2)

Hiding (A Reflection) (by Clara Moore) Vin is having nightmares. (3)

Time and Again (by BMP) Chris is late, and Buck is pissed. (7)

Hiding, Too (by Clara Moore) A sequel to "Hiding (A Reflection). Vin, JD, Chris and Buck take a vacation in Oregon. A crossover with McKenna. (8)

Home Sweet Home (by Angie) Buck is stuck with the boys, and a bunch of errands to get done. (10)

Elvis and the Boo-Boo (by LaraMee) A mistake on JD's part places the life of his pup in danger. (9)

A Batch of Patches (by Kathy M) Vin and JD join the boy scouts. (2)

Late Night Visitor (by KT) Vin receives a visit from someone special. (5)

What If (by Carole Seegraves) Vin overhears something confusing. (2)

I Go Out Walkin'... (by Winter) It's Christmas time in the Larabee-Wilmington household. (14)

Friday Night (by KathyM) Chris and Buck are busy on a Friday night. (3)

Meant to Be (by Mary Ann) This is an Modern LB AU. Chris and Vin lose a horse and find two small boys. (46)

144 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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