Magnificent Kids #4

An all-gen, all-ATF Denver, Little Britches zine. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Operation Cat (by KT) Buck and Chris undertake a mission they cannot fail at. (5)

Full Circle (by Jeanne) Chris and Vin find themselves taking care of each other. (7)

Weekend Plans (by LaraMee) Chris muses how his weekends have changed since the arrival of the boys. (8)

Easter Gifts (by KT) Vin and JD make out like bandits for Easter. (8)

Naming Ceremonies (by Jeanne) Vin and JD get some new names, and so does everybody else. (16)

Makin' Memories (by LaraMee) Vin and Ezra have a chance to do some bonding. (7)

Words Once Spoken Can't Be Taken Back (by MMW) Chris loses his cool and Vin pays the price. (13)

Big Brothers, Little Brothers (by KT) The boys get a lesson in brotherhood. (9)

Legends in Litter (by Winter) The boys make plans for Halloween. (12)

Little Hearts, Big Truths (by Heidi) Vin has some words of wisdom concerning Christmas. (2)

Tree Fall (by KT) The Larabee-Wilmington household makes ready for Christmas. (8)

Unca' Josiah to the Rescue (by Jeanne) Josiah introduces the boys to a special holiday tradition. (5)

Let It Snow (by LaraMee) Vin is tired with the snow. (4)

Mark My Words (by Beth Green) Buck and Vin have a heart to heart about school. (4)

Sick Day (by MMW) JD waits too long to do a homework assignment, but he comes up with a plan. (3)

Rhyme Time (by Carole Seegraves) Buck and the boys share a fun moment. (1)

Waitin' and Waitin' (by Jeanne) Vin ends up waiting a lot longer than he expected for a ride home. (11)

My Family (by KT) JD has a special guest in his classroom, and boy does she get an earful! (5)

Sugar Rush (by Carole Seegraves) Buck comes home to find JD a little hyper. (2)

Adventures in Babysitting (by Luna Dey) Nathan agrees to take care of the boys while Buck and Chris are out of town, but nothing goes the way he expected. (34)

A Camping We Will Go (by Winter) Weekend plans change when Vin comes down with an ear ache. (9)

184 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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