Hostages of Obsession

A Magnificent Seven gen novel by LaraMee, set in the Old West and with lots of hurt-comfort. NOTE! These stories have appeared, or is currently available, on-line.

Ella just can't let Chris go...


Chris had been dragged down from the attic, cleaned up, and returned to the room he had come to know far too well. Ella had stayed long enough to gloat over his fight which, in her twisted mind, had been for her honor. He simply ignored her deluded ramblings until, undaunted, she left the room in a swish of satin and petticoats.

Limping to the window, Larabee stared out into the gloomy afternoon light. The storm had passed outside, but his own continued unabated. Leaning his arm against the window, he rested his forehead against it, eyes focused on a place out of sight beyond the trees. He had no idea of what was happening to his friend, but he knew it wasn't anything good.

Blinking hard, he frowned. His focus went to the yard below, watching the movement there. One of the 'hiders was riding up into the yard, but he wasn't alone. Chris watched in growing horror as he recognized the limp form slung across the saddle before the big man.


Hiram dismounted, looking up to make sure he was where he wanted to be. He smiled, his broad slash of a mouth revealing broken and decayed teeth, when he saw that the blond bastard was looking out the window. He watched as Larabee pounded against the glass, his mouth open in a scream.

Screaming for his friend, no doubt.

Pulling the limp body from the saddle, he dropped him unceremoniously on the ground. Tanner dropped with a thud, but didn't otherwise respond. Neither did he move, simply lying where he'd landed. The big man handed over his horse to one of the others, then glared until the small gathering of hired men moved away. He planned to have an audience, but it was going to be a very select one.

178 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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