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the cast of Sentinel

Detective Jim Ellison (Richard Burgi) works for the Cascade, WA Police Department, in the Major Crimes division. But prior to becoming a cop, Jim was Captain in the U.S. Army Rangers. While on a mission in South American, Jim crashed in the Peruvian jungles, and which awakened his "sentinel"abilities." When he returned to civilization 18 months later, he found he had developed hypersensitive senses, which he was able to shut down, until a particular case reawakened them, and sent Jim looking for answers. Enter Blair Sandburg (Garett Maggart), an Anthropology graduate student who understands what sentinels are and, more importantly, what they can be. Together, Sentinel and Guide work together to keep the city safe, and to develop Jim's talents.

1996-1999 on UPN.

Zine: We have two all-Sentinel gen zines, Sensory Overload (all new material, nothing off net unless noted) and Sensory Net (all off-net).

Sensory Overload

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Sensory Net

Sensory Net #1 Sensory Net #2 Sensory Net #3
Sensory Net #4 Sensory Net #5 Sensory Net #6

Novels:There are two gen novels available.

Seize the Moment (by Jody Norman) Exits (by Jody Norman)

Special Collections: We have two special collections available. There is a gen collection and a slash collection. For more information, click on the links provided.

Slash: We have one all-Sentinel slash zine, Mating Rituals.

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