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Last updated: 1 March 2019

Street Justice

In this syndicated series, Adam Beaudreaux (Carl Weathers) was a moody but dedicated police detective working in a large, un-named city, in the Pacific Northwest. When not on duty, Beaudreaux spent a lot of his time at Malloy's, a bar he co-owned with his dead partner's daughter, Malloy (Charlene Fernetz). Living at the bar and working there was Grady Jamieson (Bryan Genesse), the orphaned son of Canadian missionaries, who were killed in Vietnam when Grady was 8 years old. The boy saved Adam's life and the two of them lived together in Vietnam for six months before Adam was shipped stateside. Adam tried to find Grady, but was never able to. Then, twenty years later, he runs into the young man in the U.S. – Grady was on the track of the man responsible for his parents' death. Grady stays with Adam, who is a father figure for the young man. The series had an interesting supporting cast, including Adam's war buddy, Ted Willis (Blu Mankuma), who ran a support group for vets with PTSD, Lt. Charles Pine (Leam Blackwood), Adam's boss (a very Castillo-like figure), Miguel Mendez (Marcus Chong), a gang-banger who gets adopted into the family, and fellow detectives Tricia Kelsey (Janne Mortil), Paul Shuhan (Ken Tremblett) and Eric Rothman (Eric McCormick).

Aired 1991-1993 (44 episodes).

Zine: None.

Special Collection: There is one Street Justice special gen collection available. For more information, click here.

Slash: None.