Don't Ask, Don't Tell #1

Embracings (by Caryn Mayo) Adult (Benny Ray/Margo). Margo seeks out Benny Ray after the disastrous mission to Bosnia. (10)

For a Friend (by Maria Lopez) Slash (Benny Ray/C.J.). C.J. is still adjusting following the team's trip to Libya. And, surprise surprise, it's Benny Ray who's there to listen. (8)

Worth the Wear of Winning (by Dyevka) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). After a little too much to drink Benny Ray lets his true feeling for Chance slip. (10)

The Undiscovered Ends (by Dyevka) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). A crossover with The Professionals. While in England on a mission everything goes wrong, and Benny Ray is blaming himself. C.J. and Benny Ray must now find a way to rescue the others. Good thing C.J. knows a couple of locals who might be able to help. (20)

Wired (by Falcone & Corwalsh) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Matt returns from a date in a bad mood. Good thing Benny Ray is there to help him out. (12)

Memories of Love (by Casey Squire) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Chance has had his eye on Benny Ray for a while, and he finally gets the opening he's been waiting for. (9) Originally published in One in Ten #3

Heart Sounds (by McKenzie Griffin) Slash (Chance/C.J.). When the team crashes in the jungle Chance is almost killed and C.J. realizes he can't hide his true feelings much longer. (12) Originally published in One in Ten #3

Revelations (by Casey Squire) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). In Mexico to get the goods on the man responsible for almost killing Matt, Chance and Benny Ray face some truths about themselves. (7)

Dreams and Consequences (by McKenzie Griffin) Slash (Chance/C.J.). Chance and C.J. slowly work on their relationship, which takes an unexpected turn. (7)

Living Still (by Duval) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). When Matt survives the sarin gas threat he decides to celebrate with Benny Ray! (13)

112 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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