Don't Ask, Don't Tell #2

Life After Death (by Caryn Mayo) Adult (Benny Ray/Margo). Margo wasn't thinking about another night with Benny Ray when she dropped by the Silver Star, but sometimes things just happen. (8)

Worth Waiting For (by Layel Karson) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Scorned." Chance has his eye on Benny Ray, but he's just not sure how fast he should move. (10)

Boundaries (by McKenzie Griffin) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Broken Play." Benny Ray drops in on Chance, to make sure he's okay, but things take an unexpected turn when he's invited to spend the night. (11) Originally published in One in Ten #4

Making Up (by K.C.) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Hired Guns." Benny Ray invites Chance on a motorcycle ride up the coast so he can apologize for what he said while they were on a mission. His apology leads to a whole new relationship. Originally published in One in Ten 4. (12)

Physical Therapy (by Koppie) Slash (Chance/Rico). Post-"Genesis." Chance drops by to see how Rico is doing and discovers that they share a secret. (6)

A Lifetime Isn't Enough (by McKenzie Griffin) Slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"Apres Vu." With Matt still healing, the team decides to takes some down-time. Chance and C.J. head for Hawaii to explore their relationship in more depth. (19) Originally published in One in Ten 5

Sealed With a Kiss (by McKenzie Griffin) Slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"A Lifetime Isn't Enough." Chance and C.J. leave the team and move to Hawaii. (10)

Emotional Workout (by Maria Lopez) Slash (Benny Ray/C.J.). Post-"Scorned." C.J. drops by to see how Benny Ray is doing in the wake of Raptor's attack. He's okay, but a little TLC can never hurt. (11)

A Show of Sympathy (by Koppie) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Scorned." Benny Ray isn't doing so well after the dance with Raptor and then getting his final divorce papers, but Matt is there to help him get through it. (5)

Saying Thank You (by Duval) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Alpha Dogs." Matt wants to thank Benny Ray for saving his life, and he has a unique way of doing it. Good thing the sniper doesn't object. (6)

Come Back Kid (by K.C.) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Apres-Vu." Matt's so glad to be alive and back on the team, that he's willing to share a secret with Benny Ray. It's something the sniper completely understands. (9)

Winds of Change (by McKenzie Griffin) Slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"Critical List." Chance and C.J. return to LA to see Margo and Benny Ray, then head back to Hawaii, but things aren't the same. They miss the action. Then a storm seals their fate. (38)

156 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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