Don't Ask, Don't Tell #3

Killing the Shadows (by Caryn Mayo) Adult (Benny Ray/Margo). In the aftermath of her incarceration in North Korea, Margo is having nightmares, but a little TLC might be just what she needs. (9)

Trio (by Joe Lawson) Adult (Benny Ray/Margo/Matt). Margo's made up her mind, she wants to get laid. But it might be harder than she thought, but she's up to the challenge. After all, the prize is a night with Matt and Benny Ray. (18)

Hot & Bothered (by Maria Lopez) Slash (Benny Ray/C.J.). Post-"Double-Edged Sword." In Mexico, Benny Ray and C.J. are both getting a little hot and bothered while they wait in a lesbian bar. (7)

A Pleasant Way to Pass the Time (by Duval) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Broken Play." Benny Ray and Chance are slowly healing from the injuries they sustained in Bosnia, but pain medication, a soak in a hot tub, and a little massage can work wonders. So can a little full body contact! (9)

Male Bonding (by Karson Scott) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Last Chance." Chance is going to be just fine, he's even back at the Silver Star, but Benny Ray is having a hard time dealing with that. Good thing for him that Chance is able to figure out why. (14)

In Your Eyes (by Casey Squire) Slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"Broken Play." Chance is back home, healing up after the beating he took in Bosnia, but when C.J. drops by, he knows he has to find out what's bothering the man. (11) Originally published in One in Ten #6.

Homecoming (by MacKenzie Griffin) Slash (Chance/C.J.). When an old friend of Chance's is killed, he and C.J. head back to Philadelphia for the funeral. While there, they both get a lesson in family, and acceptance. (35)

Out of Control (by Joe Lawson) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). A vignette. Caught in the middle of a mission, Matt and Benny Ray are drugged and left alone, but what the drugs bring out in the two men is something they both want anyway. (6)

Fear Factor (by Koppie) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Broken Play." Sending Benny Ray off to cover his and C.J.'s six almost got the sniper killed, and Matt is feeling guilty. But Matt's also feeling something else, something he's not quite ready to share with Benny Ray. (9)

Come Again (by K.C.) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Deja Vu/Apres Vu" (sequel to "The Come Back Kid" in Don't Ask, Don't Tell #2). After starting a relationship after they returned from Mexico, Matt and Benny Ray drifted apart again, but circumstances finally bring them back together, and they discover their feelings haven't changed. (11)

Home Remedy (by Joe Lawson) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Benny Ray's been hurt, and Matt is feeling a little protective, not to mention a little attracted. But he's not sure what to do about it. Good thing he's a quick study! Then they both get a surprise from Margo! (21)

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