Don't Ask, Don't Tell #4

Too Little, Too Late? (by Caryn Mayo) Adult (Benny Ray/Margo). Set during "Deja Vu" and "Apres Vu," Margo has to come to terms with her feelings for both Matt and Benny Ray. (16)

Who Do You Think You Are, the Lone Ranger? (by Casey Squire) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"Scorned." Benny Ray has an encounter with Chance, who's a little upset that the sniper took on the assassin alone. (6)

Jungle Fever (by Duval) Slash (Benny Ray/Chance). Post-"La Mano Negra." Chance is having fantasies about a certain sniper, and decides to act on them. (9)

Dreams Come True (by McKenzie Griffin) Slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"Broken Play." C.J. is wanting Chance, but he doesn't know how to ask the man if he can have what he wants. (13)

In Your Arms (by Duval) Slash (Chance/C.J.). Post-"Surgical Strike." C.J. needs to know if his lover thought he might break when captured. (7)

The First Time I Loved Forever (by Joe Lawson) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Matt and Benny Ray agree to escort a young man to his father, then all hell breaks loose and Benny Ray is hurt, but that leads to an unexpected confession from Matt. (30)

A Crash of Fears (by Koppie) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"Last Chance." The crash only heightened Matt's desire for Benny Ray, but he still can't find a way to act on it. (6)

The Price of Loyalty (by Joe Lawson) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Benny Ray takes an assignment that puts him in the cross-hairs of a man with a twisted notion of sex. In order to survive and pull off the mission, the sniper has to admit to his feelings for Matt and use those to get through the ordeal. (44)

You've Ruined Me! (by K.C.) Slash (Benny Ray/Matt). Post-"When the Hammer Falls." Matt's little voice won't leave him alone, forcing him to tell Benny Ray how he feels. (9)

144 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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