Good to Go #1

Inquiry (by Falcone ) A tag to "Power Corrupts." Matt decides it's time he had a serious talk with Benny Ray. (2)

Betrayer (by Laura "Winter" Brennan) The team accepts a mission in South America - to take out a rebel. But there's a complication, someone who knows their plans is working for the wrong side. (9)

Our Finest Gifts (by Fallon Zane) A vignette. The team is out Christmas shopping, and someone unexpected benefits. (2) Originally published in The Yule Tide #3

The Gift That Keeps on Giving (by Becca Koldfurr) A chance meeting on the beach leads to a revenge plot that nearly gets C.J. and Matt killed. (19) Originally published in Compadres #14.

Against His Will (by Laura "Winter" Brennan) On a mission in the Middle East the team is captured, Benny Ray is tortured, and they still have to rescue a professor who knows how to build a bomb. (8)

Walking Wounded (by Lee Seibert) A tag to "Broken Play." As the team recuperates from their trip to Bosnia some shadows are harder to dispel than others. (6) Originally published in Ouch! #3.

Slow Motion (by Becca Koldfurr) The team sets out to rescue hostages being held in a far right religious compound, and they pull it off, but not without a casualty. (11)

Divide and Conquer (by Cedar J. Duel) Sent to Russia to spring a diplomat who is being groomed to take Yeltzin's place, the team loses one man, and has to leave another behind in the hands of local nationalists. Racing against time, Matt leads the rest of the team in to ensure that "everyone comes home." (31)

Work Farm (by Falcone) On a mission in South America Benny Ray and Chance are reduced to beasts of burden. And the rescue leaves Matt in a world of hurt. But it's C.J. who might not survive. (16)

Apology (by Falcone) A sequel to "Work Farm." Back home, Benny Ray loses his temper and manages to tick-off the entire team. He tries to apologize, but then events spin out of control, leaving Chance and C.J. fighting for their lives and Benny Ray in the hands of Margo and Matt. A guest appearance by The Marshall. (18)

Replay (by Londa Pfeffer) A sequel to "Broken Play." Vlady is back and out to settle old scores. When Matt gets a call from Hawaii he knows they're all in some serious trouble. Now, can they find Vlady before Vlady finds them? (23)

Truth in the Blood (by Jody Norman) On a mission in Romania, Margo runs into the two people she really hoped she'd never meet while on a mission - her parents. Now they want some answers. Margo and her parents clash over her career choice, but there are a couple of secrets that might make the difference. (23)

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