Good to Go #2

Revelation (by Jody Norman) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. A series of missing scenes from the pilot explore what Margo is thinking as she gets to know Matt's new team and its members. (7)

Waiting for Morning (by Kathleen A. Klatte) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. A tag to "Hired Guns." Events finally catch up to Margo, but she has a lot of support. (6)

Second Chance (by Londa Pfeffer) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Chance crashes a borrowed chopper and ends up in a coma, the team must piece together the real reason for the event. (25)

Surviving the Arena (by Laura "Winter" Brennan) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. The team take a mission that places Benny Ray and Chance in the sights of a madman. If they can keep from killing each other, the rest of the team might be able to help. (14)

Hidden Assets (by Becca Koldfurr) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Trout asks Matt to rescue a head of state, but Shepherd is a man short, and the mission means they have to split up. Still, it needs to be done, and who better to do it? (31)

Confession (by Fallon Zane) Special Ops Force. This missing scene from "Tethered Goat" explains why Benny Ray had three kids with a wife named Mary Ellen, and another son with another wife named LuAnn. (5)

Child's Play (by Rachel "Bogey" Berger) Special Ops Force. The team is asked to keep a child safe, but things quickly become much more complicated than they ever expected and what was a simple mission becomes a fight for survival. (45)

John's Story (by Kathleen A. Klatte) Special Ops Force. When Margo is shot, John must face his darkest demons, and worse for him, he must share them with Margo. (20)

Don't Cry For Me... (by Joe Lawson) Special Ops Force. When an assignment takes Benny Ray back to South America, he finds himself in the hands of a monster who wants revenge for his brother's death. (25)

202 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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