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Last updated: 1 March 2019

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A wonderful syndicated action series. Major Matthew Q. Shepherd (Brad Johnson), formerly in the Army's elite Special Forces is forced to resign after disobeying orders and going in to save a wounded man. Once in civilian life again, Shepherd is recruited by Xavier Trout (David Selby) to lead a crack team of ex-military and federal agents. They undertake high risk missions for the U.S. government. Missions where "plausible deniability" is imperative. The team works out of the Silver Star, a hotel Matt inherited from his father (a former pilot who is MIA in Vietnam), and located in Hermosa Beach, California.

In the first season (left), Shepherd's team was made up of the following individuals: Benny Ray Riddle (Tim Abell), ex-Marine sniper and weapons expert, Margo Vincent (Melinda Clarke), ex-CIA field operative and intelligence specialist, Jason "Chance" Walker (Real Andrews), ex-Army pilot and hand-to-hand combat expert, and Christopher "C.J." Yates (Mark Sheppard), ex-SAS trooper and demolitions expert.

At the beginning of the second season (right) the series had a new name SOF: Special Ops Force and we learn that Chance and C.J. have retired to Hawaii - together. The now three-member team quickly acquires two new members, Decon "Deke: Reynolds (Dennis Rodman), ex-Army pilot turned federal spook, and Nick Delvecchio (David Eigenberg), ex-DEA agent. The Silver Star is converted into a bar, but the team still works out of the basement.

Aired 1997-1999 on UPN (37 episodes).

Zine: We have two all-Soldier of Fortune Inc./Special Ops Force gen zines.

Good to Go: which is primarily a first season zine. It is made up of mostly new stories, that is, those that haven't previously been posted online or published in another zine.

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Watch Your Six: a mixed first and second season zine. Stories in this zine have been previously published online, or in another multi-media zine.

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Novels: None.

Slash: We have one all-Soldier of Fortune Inc./Special Ops Force adult and slash zine, Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

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