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Last updated: 1 March 2019

the cast of War of the Worlds

This FOX series picked up where the 1953 George Pal movie left off, well, 25 years later in 1988 when the aliens that attacked in 1953 are re-awakened and set out to take over the planet again. But this time the aliens are fought by an elite team made up of Dr. Harrison Blackwood (Jared Martin), astrophysicist and the adopted son of Dr. Clayton Forrester (from the 1953 film), Dr. Suzanne McCullough (Linda Mason Green), a microbiologist and the mother of Debi McCullough (Rachel Blanchard, from the TV series Clueless), Norton Drake (Phil Akin), wheelchair (Gertrude) bound computer wizard, and Lieutenant Colonel Paul Ironhorse (Richard Chaves), a Cherokee Vietnam veteran and Delta Force special forces officer, who is in command of the Omega Squad, who provide security for the Blackwood Project members.

In the second season the series was given to a new producer (Frank Mancuso Jr.) and Ironhorse and Drake were killed off. "The Second Wave" episodes looked like a cross between Mad Max and Max Headroom – very dark and icky. The team acquires John Kincaid (Adrian Paul) as their "security" man.

Aired 1988-1991 on FOX.

Zine: We have one all-War of the Worlds gen zine, Green Floating Weirdness.

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We also agent Downloading Aliens which was originally published by FeatherPaw Inc.

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We also agent Cell-Phase Matching which was originally published by TPS Press.

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Novels: There are four gen novels available.

Ashes to Ashes (by Vicki L. Martin & H. Ann Walton) Mind Games (by Gillian Holt) Moonbane (by Tracy Fretwell & Gillian Holt) Yea Though I Walk (by Gillian Holt)

Special Collections: We have three special collections available. There are two gen collections, and one slash collection. For more information, click on the links provided.

Slash: We have one all-War of the Worlds adult and slash zine, Business Associates.

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