General Guidelines for Submissions
  1. The Basics:
    • Written material should be submitted via e-mail at
    • Please send the submission as a Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) file.
    • Please include your name, address, and e-mail address on the first page of the manuscript.
  2. All Fiction Will Be Edited.
    • We will make edits and format the submission before we return it to you via e-mail for your approval. In most cases you will receive the edited galley with changes tracked, and a deadline noted on it. We need your approved or edited galley back by that date in order to make any necessary changes on the master before it goes to the printer.
    • Please be aware that upon occasion we end up putting a zine together right before a convention. At those times, you might not have time to return the galley to us before the zine debuts. In this case no more than 10 copies of the zine will be made available at the convention, and any necessary changes you find will be made prior to a second print run, which will include the contributors' copies.
    • Please know that while we're willing to work with writers, and we encourage an ongoing dialogue, the editors' decisions are final. What we are most apt to correct/change is: spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, passive voice, redundant attributives, and excessive description which does not further the plot. We also have a House Style with regards to commas, ellipses, dashes, etc. that we will edit all submission to conform to.
  3. Poetry:
    • Poetry can be of any form and length, up to a maximum of 7 total pages per poem. Please submit your work in the format you wish to see it appear on the finished page. We will try to duplicate your format as closely as we can, but we might have to make some adjustments based on the equipment we have available.
  4. Art:
    • We can accept art electronically in the following formats - JPEG, GIF, Bitmap, and PDF.
    • We try to avoid black and white work with a lot of large, dense black areas.
    • Art should not be larger than a standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch page.
    • Original art is sent at the artist's own risk. We prefer electronic copies, and originals wil be scanned.
    • If you wish to do a cover for any of our publications, please contact Cinda directly. She will be thrilled! E-mail her at
  5. Submissions:
    • Written material and art under consideration by Neon RainBow Press should not have been submitted to other publications. We ask that authors not post stories submitted to us for 6 months following the debut of the zine the story appears in.
    • Please note that we happily accept work that is already posted to the Internet for some zines, but not all. Please be sure to tell us if the story has appeared i.e. is currently posted on-line, and where so we can include the URL.
    • If an author submits a story that has been previously published in a zine, or is currently on-line and fails to inform us of that fact, we will refuse to accept further stories from that author.
    • However, if you want to submit a story that has been previously published, and the original zine is now out of print, we are more than happy to consider it. In this case it will depend on how long ago the story originally appeared and the popularity of the original zine.
    • Neon RainBow Press publications that are not off-the-net publications will generally not contain more than one story or 10% of the content that is previously published material. There will be occasional exceptions, but that is our general rule of thumb.
    • Please note that we don't take our zines out of print, so if you send us a story, it could still be in print many years into the future. Also, stories submitted to our multi-media zines might end up in single universe special collections if someone requests it. We will not ask the author's permission before placing a copy of the publlished story in a special collection.
  6. What We're Looking For:
    • Stories that explore the relationships between the series' characters. How you explore this relationship is up to you, and we welcome hurt/comfort, humor, romance (within reason, PG-17), straight episodic, and action-adventure plots.
    • We will accept what some editors might call "Mary Sue" stories provided that the female character is believable (in our humble opinions), and the universe characters remain true to what we have seen aired.
    • We will also consider alternative universe stories so long as it is clearly stated that the work is an alternative universe. Please be sure to let us know if the AU is open or closed.
    • Adult and/or slash stories, or stories with adult/slash themes, are welcomed for specific zines.
  7. Characterization:
    • We will sometimes make suggestions concerning characterization. However, we also feel that personal interpretations of the characters are what fandom is all about. Each writer will read the characters and the series in her own way, and we respect that.
    • If there's a large conflict between your reading and ours, such that we cannot edit your story without fundamentally changing it, we'll let you know, and offer suggestions on other editors who might better appreciate your efforts.
  8. Original Fiction:
    • We are not currently accepting original stories.
  9. Deadlines:
    • Published deadlines for submissions should be followed as closely as possible, although, if you need more time, please contact us. We're flexible, and reasonable! In all likelihood we can give you more time without a problem.
    • Deadlines for expected publication are subject to change. We release some titles month-to-month as the zines are finished, other new titles will be held to debut at Media West (May).
    • It is not unusual for us to shift a multi-media zine from one con to the next if we're waiting for material, or if we get swamped. For single-universe zines, as soon as we receive 100 pages of material we go to press. You can check the Publishing Schedule list or the working list of Upcoming Zines to find release dates.
    • In the case of a delay lasting longer than six months we will notify you by e-mail. Cinda and Jody work fulltime, take classes, and have other commitments, so it's easy for us to get behind. We hope our readers, writers, and artists will understand that and realize that we're getting zines out just as quickly as we can.
  10. Notification:
    • We sometimes forget to reply and let you know that your submission arrived safe and sound, so if you don't hear from us in within a week, resend the submission in case we didn't get it, or to remind us.
  11. The Last Word:
    • Final decisions on the acceptability of a submission will be made by the editors and will be final. But, we like to think we're easy to work with, fun even! If you'd like references, we'll provide them.
    • Hey, it's your efforts that make our zines what they are. We just want to make sure that your work is the best it can be so our zines are the best they can be. This is a team effort!