Preview of Upcoming Zines for January-May, 2016

Last updated: 5 August 2016

Hi! We thought it might be helpful if folks Could preview the upcoming zines, especially the authors. A "Y" stands for "Yes, that's done!" and, a "C" or a "J" indicates which one of us is currently editing the story (Cinda or Jody, and FYI, Cinda reads them first, then Jody). If "editor" is marked "Y," then Jody and I have both read the story. Step one is complete!

If there's an "Out: date" listed under "author edits," that's the date the author can anticipate receiving her story to look over via an e-mail attachment. If "author edits" has a "Back: date," that's when we'd like to have the author's edits returned to us by. And, if there is a "Y," then we have received the edits back from the author. Step two is complete!

Once we get all the stories back from the authors, the zine is sent to a proofreader. We make the final fixes when those edits come back to us, and then the zine is ready to go to print!

For a more general publication schedule please see our Publishing Schedule

Magnificent Holidays #10 - A Magnificent Seven gen zine.

Author Title Editors Author Edits
Amelia First Day of the Year Y Y
Anneack A Gift From the Heart Y Out: 7/10
Back: 8/12
Anneack Never Forgotten Y Out: 7/10
Back: 8/12
Farad Spice Islands Y Y
Farad The Haite Y Y
Deyna Greywolf Through a Child's Eyes Y Y
JIN This Balance of Time Y Y
Kathy M We've Got Costumes Y Y9
LaraMee Fifteen Years Later Y Y
MMW Where I Belong Y Y
Carole Seegraves It Wasn't Bah Humbug After All Y Y
Carole Seegraves One Minute to Midnight Y Y
Carole Seegraves Resolutions Were Made to be Broken Y Y
Carole Seegraves Small Symbols Y Y
Nina Talbot Night Before Christmas Y Y
Tanner Letter to Santa Y Y
The Neon Gang Holiday Confusions Y Out: 7/10
Back: 8/12

Magnificent Slash Holidays #8 - A Magnificent Seven slash zine.

Author Title Editors Author Edits
Dori Adams For Love or Fur J  
Dori Adams Dream Come True J  
Dori Adams DLearning to Relax J  
Dori Adams In Step J  
Dori Adams Least You Can Do J  
Dori Adams Natural Kind J  
Dori Adams Good Things Come J  
Farad Nails J  
Michelle Fortado Drowning His Love J  
JIN Put It Aside J  
The Neon Gang Heart's Closet C  
The Tenth Muse 1 Moving On J  
Mary Fallon & Lorin Zane All Hallows Eve J  
Mary Fallon & Lorin Zane Turnabout J  
Lorin Zane Tumble J  

Magnificent Shorts #5 - A Magnificent Seven gen zine.

Author Title Editors Author Edits
Amelia Vision's Path    
Amelia Way Home    
Amelia Yesterday's Witness    
Amelia You Haven't Seen the Last of Me    
Enola Jones Bridge    
Enola Jones Persona    
Enola Jones Stage Advice    
Mary Ann Arrested    
Mary Ann The Bust    
Mary Ann Deadline    
Mary Ann For Once    
Mary Ann Midnight Hour    
Mary Ann Nowhere to Go    
Mary Ann Only a Block    
Mary Ann The Tractor    
Mary Ann Unending Brotherhood    
Mary Ann When Fishing is No Fun    
Nomooretears Biding Time    
Nomooretears A Different Kind of Lady    
Nomooretears The Hunt is On    
Nomooretears Like a Lady    
Nomooretears A Litte Piece of Paradise    
Nomooretears Rocks    
Nomooretears Trust Earned    
Nomooretears Wishes    
Carole Seegraves Clowning Around    
Carole Seegraves Duty Calls    
Carole Seegraves Modern Conveniences    
Carole Seegraves More Than Luck    
Carole Seegraves Unfulfilled Potential    

Magnificent Slash Bites #2 - A Magnificent Seven slash zine.

Author Title Editors Author Edits
Kaed Magnificent Darkness    
The Tenth Muse 1 Prologue    
Tarlan Equinox    
Tarlan Holy Night    
Tarlan Lady of the Night    
Tarlan Moon's Shadow Cast