Preview of Upcoming Zines for 2019

Last updated: 1 March 2019

Hi! We thought it might be helpful if folks Could preview the upcoming zines, especially the authors. A "Y" stands for "Yes, that's done!" and, a "C" or a "J" indicates which one of us is currently editing the story (Cinda or Jody, and FYI, Cinda reads them first, then Jody). If "editor" is marked "Y," then Jody and I have both read the story. Step one is complete!

If there's an "Out: date" listed under "author edits," that's the date the author can anticipate receiving her story to look over via an e-mail attachment. If "author edits" has a "Back: date," that's when we'd like to have the author's edits returned to us by. And, if there is a "Y," then we have received the edits back from the author. Step two is complete!

Once we get all the stories back from the authors, the zine is sent to a proofreader. We make the final fixes when those edits come back to us, and then the zine is ready to go to print!

For a more general publication schedule please see our Publishing Schedule

Horsefeathers Academy, Year 2 - A Magnificent Seven gen zine.

Author Title Editors Author Edits
The Neon Gang Year 2 Y Y