Submission Timeline/Process

Here is a general description of what you expect when you submit a story to Neon RainBow Press:

  1. You finish a story and decide to send it to Neon RainBow Press - E'ha!

  2. You send us the story online (in Word or Rich Text Format)

  3. We receive your submission and we're thrilled! We reply to let you know that we've received the story and what our first impressions are.

  4. We read the story, making edits (which we highlight or track) and formatting it as we do. We send you the story to be checked. You read the story over, looking for typos and any other necessary changes. Highlight, track, or clearly mark any changes that need to be made in the story using bold red text, and send the galley back to us by the date indicated in the e-mail.

  5. We'll input fixes into the master copy of the story. At the same time, or more usually after we've received your approval and/or edits back, we send a copy of your story to a proofreader. When we've receive the galleys back from the authors and the proofreader we create a master copy of the zine for the printer.

  6. If the zine is not debuting at a convention, you can expect a contributor's copy within three months. However, if the zine will debut at a convention, then contributors' copies often will not be sent until after we get back from the con. Contributors' copies are sent via media mail or as a PDF. If you would like us to send your trib copy via priority mail, you must send us a priority stamp. Overseas contributors' copies are usually sent as PDF files.

If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask us! Just drop us an e-mail at