A Note on Contributors' Copies

In the past some of our contributors have complained when they did not receive their contributors' copy of a zine they had submitted to prior to the zine's debut at a convention. To avoid any further misunderstandings, we want to make our policy on contributors' copies very clear up front.

Only Cinda is working full time, and we're saving every spare dime to buy a tiny home and pay off student loans. We don't have extra money, we don't have a savings account we can tap, and we don't have credit cards we can use. Therefore, we cannot afford to run the majority of our contributors' copies until AFTER we sell a run of the zines first (usually 10 copies). In general, this means a delay of about a month (after the con) before you will get your "trib" copy. We try and get as many of them as possible out as we finish them, but most titles end up needing to debut before tribs are run.

We have never failed to send our contributors their trib copies, but you will probably have to wait a few weeks after the release of the zine before it arrives. And we send out our trib copies via media mail. If you would like to get your trib copy sent via priority mail you need to send us a priority mail stamp.

We're very sorry if this is an inconvenience, but it's really the only way we can afford to produce zines. So, if you cannot, or do not want to wait for your trib copy until after the con where it debuts, then we're not the editors for you.

If you're willing to take a PDF version of the zine, we're happy to send that to you as soon as the zine is done. You can get it printed as quickly as you'd like.

We hope you'll understand and appreciate our situation, and we look forward to receiving a submission (or several!) from you very soon.


The Editors